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Providing a place for rescue, rehab and respite for wildlife, waterfowl and domestic birds.



Skywater Sanctuary is a five acre forever home to non-releasable wild birds and domestic barnyard friends. We are a subpermittee under the federal and state permits of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and Sierra Wildlife Rescue. The vision of the property is to demonstrate how farming and wildlife can work and coexist together. We are located in California’s South Sacramento county, in the unique grasslands and vernal pool habitat. Each winter, flood waters from the winter rains run through the property bringing in rich sediments and moisture to the area. The dirt bike track created by the previous owner provides pools and hills ideal for ponding. Migratory waterfowl and waterbirds are attracted year-round to the pond, valley oak and grasslands.

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Skywater Rescue Ranch & Sanctuary

13179 Apple Rd.

Wilton, CA 95693

​EIN 832620875

Email: Skywatersanctuary@gmail.com
Phone:  530-262-8292

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